The newest sensation in Soul and Rhythm 'n Blues on the European stage. Beware of the alligator.
Cover art of Gumbo Kings ep 'In The Dark'

Latest EP

In The Dark

Sep 8th 2022

Gumbo Kings makes a bold and personal statement with the newest EP. Daringly produced by Paul Willemsen (Michelle David & the TrueTones), the band makes full use of the studio. In The Dark keeps the authenticity of roots music, while adding a lot of modern influences into the mix. The young group of seasoned musicians really shows their own vision of their beloved Soul and Rhythm 'n Blues.

Cover art of 'Hot Damn!'

Hot Damn!

Aug 19th 2022

All the clubs are closed, but your living room floor will do. Hot Damn! is the newest floor-filling banger from Gumbo Kings

Cover art of 'Here We Are (Single Edit)'

Here We Are (Single Edit)

Jul 22nd 2022

Gumbo Kings fuses the sound of Blues harmonica with 80s disco synths

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